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Zara is a purebred Arabian mare, Nikita's first foal, now 8yo.

Zara has done a couple of endurance training rides, plus trail riding, and daily riding around town. She has only ever had a pair of Thoroflex urethane shoes nailed on in her life, otherwise entirely barefoot. Zara's feet are of excellent quality, but has a clubby right foot, if let go. With regular trimming and riding, it is not obvious, or any problem.

Zara - April 2006

zara.jpg (51782 bytes)

Zara's front feet - February 2006.

Toe length = 7.5 cm.

zarf1.jpg (48168 bytes)

February 2006

Very tidy front foot, with short, compact heels, some concavity and extremely tough sole.

zarf2.jpg (42722 bytes)

April 2006

Zara's front left foot. Now some more concavity has developed, and she is even more confident over all terrain.

zarafl.jpg (34631 bytes)

February 2006

Strong, low heels. Hard, tough frog.

Good concavity, but still could improve. She has excellent quality feet, with minimal flaring and strong horn.

Zara won't need shoes to do her work!

zarf3.jpg (34257 bytes)

April 2006

Front right. Looking much better.

zarafr.jpg (43008 bytes)

April 2006

Left hind foot. Nice concavity with well developed frog.

zarahl.jpg (48142 bytes)


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