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Shadrach is a partbred Arabian gelding, rising 14 yo. He is by Arabian Park Saiyid, out of a Standardbred mare.

Shadrach has done many endurance rides, nearly always placing, and winning two Best Conditioned awards. He competed shod, with interruption to competition due to a torn tendon sheath in 2001. This was operated on a year later, and the following year, he was back competing. His last endurance ride was at the end of 2003.

Shadrach's barefoot transition began in 2004, and he was ridden in trail rides for two years. His feet developed impressively, and he was travelling over all terrain with confidence. After turnout for several months, in July 2006 he came back into endurance training. Shadrach did two 40 km training rides, the first at Bright over a hard, stony track, the second at Waterloo, also dry and stony, but not quite so hard underfoot. He completed these with complete ease, and should be starting the 2007 season back in 80+km rides.

Shadrach in October 2006, a few days after the 40 km ride at Waterloo. Pa240019.jpg (61400 bytes)
Front feet. October 2006 sh-fr.jpg (65052 bytes)
Left front. October 2006 sh-lfs.jpg (55048 bytes)
Left front. October 2006 sh-lfp.jpg (52056 bytes)
Left hind. October 2006 sh-lhp.jpg (56624 bytes)

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