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Setup Trim

I trimmed a couple of ancient Welsh ponies when I was visiting South Australia in January 2006, so have some pictures for you. The pony in the picture was a 31 yo stallion who had a history of foundering. I just applied a barefoot trim, based on the natural living horse's hoof model - see links for details.

Here is a front hoof before trimming. Note the excessive length. This front view does not show the significant dishing in the profile (concave) which is an indicator of white line separation at the toe.


Trimming the bottom of the foot. I am removing excess frog, and have started to reduce the bars, and other buildup of dead, crumbly material due to excessive wall length.


This is a view of the ground surface, showing the reduced wall length, excess bar removed and largely untouched perimeter of the sole. There is considerable separation still evident at the white line, but to trim more would have made the pony sore, which is definitely not desireable. This foot still needs considerable rehabilitation, but is on the way to proper form. This isn't the same foot as above, but gives an indication of where we're going.


Here is a view from the front showing before trimming (left of picture) and after (right). Hoof form is still far from ideal, but a step in the right direction. You can't expect significantly deformed feet such as this to be rehabilitated in one trim. Bear in mind it takes up to a year to grow out a new hoof.

before and after trimming

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