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Nikita bint Kopoola

Nikita is a purebred Arabian mare.

Nikita is a retired endurance horse, with well over 5000 km in successful competition, including several Championship distance rides (160 km in one day) and four multi day rides of 240 km in two days and 250 km in three days. She is 19yo and still lots of fun to ride. Her feet have always been a challenge, but since starting barefoot with her, she has demonstrated a remarkable improvement in the quality of her feet. Nikita is still careful over sharp gravel, but otherwise very confident over all other terrain.

Nikita's front feet - February 2006.

Toe length = 8 cm.

nikf1.jpg (55541 bytes)

Right front.

There is excess bar material that I trimmed out later. These are hard 'summer' feet, that  could not be trimmed using a hoof knife. A sole knife and hammer were required to trim out the extremely hard bars, and tidy up the frog.

nikf2.jpg (48243 bytes)

Nikita's heels are still a little longer than the 'ideal' but are strong and healthy. Eventually the heels will be lower, but until she is ready, I won't trim them right down.

The left side is a little longer, but I fixed this the next day!

nikf3.jpg (40917 bytes)

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